We are proud to announce our next game "BULLET AGE" coming in 2015 to PC and more!

"Bullet Age is a 2D Platform Action-RPG that draws inspiration from our favourite classic games like Zelda, Metroid and Cave Story. Bullet Age takes you into a world that is in a state of war and utter chaos. Battle creatures, mercenaries and the Evil ARC regime as you uncover a plot that will send you on an adventure full of gun fights and sword slicing action!"

We'll have more information about the game in the months to come and we'll continue to post information, videos and artwork related to our production via twitter @Halfbot as we've been doing for the past 4 months. We can't thank you guys enough for continuing to support our projects and sharing them with your friends. It really means the world to us. 

We want to publicly thank an organization that has really made the development of Bullet Age possible. The Ontario Media Development Corporation has awarded us a grant and by doing so has allowed us the opportunity to work on Bullet Age full time. This would not be possible without their support and we can't thank the Ontario government enough for supporting game developers and media outlets here in our province.  They really care about our industry and they want to see Ontario developers succeed. Prior to getting this grant we had been struggling to pay our bills and develop games full time. We were forced to take on other work, and Halfbot development took a back seat to supporting our families. It was a big struggle to find the time to work on the projects we wanted. This had been plaguing us for the past few years. So it's a huge relief to finally have the ability to dedicate our time to the thing we are most passionate about, making games!

2014 is going to be one hell of a year and we're working our butts off to make Bullet Age the best game we can possibly make.  

Stay tuned!!

-Halfbot Team