Halfbot has moved to Squarespace.

I have been worried about our aging website for a few months now. It got neglected for months. Comments went unanswered, plugins were never updated, and worst of all, it did not get an updated since March of this year. The final straw came this morning, I browsed to the website and noticed our twitter feed was dead. The last bit of communication to anyone visiting our website was now gone. It became a question of fixing the twitter feed or finding a better solution. I chose the latter.

I wanted to check out www.squarespace.com for months but didn't have the time to dedicate to learning a new CMS. Today I decided that I would give it a go for two hours. That's it, just two hours and then back to our current project: [SECRET GAME NAME OMITTED]. 

Signup was super easy. Squarespace offers a fourteen day trial without the need to enter anything but an email address and password. From there, I picked a random template, entered a few details and off I went, not even taking the time to watch the quick introductory tutorial. I only had two hours after all, so I did not want to waste any time watching a video.

The interface was very familiar.  It reminds me of a well designed Wordpress theme, something like what you could buy from one of the top developers on themeforest
The only difference is there was no need to mess you any css, javascript or html at all. All the changes and updates were done through a very intuitive interface. There was a small learning curve but within a few hours, what was intended as a quick look, ended in our brand new host for Halfbot :)

If you guys ever need a new host for your site I would highly recommend taking a look into Squarespace.  Sometimes the hype actually exists for good reason.

We look forward to sharing more of whats going on at halfbot with everyone. Please let us know what you think of our fresh paint job!